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Swift™ FX Nano for Her

$162 CAD

Brand ResMed
SKU: 62201

Swift FX Nano for Her... small in size, big on comfort.

Comfort makes a world of difference with CPAP therapy and that’s why ResMed created Swift FX Nano for Her. This new compact nasal mask delivers an excellent user experience, without compromising on the big things that matter… like fit, comfort and ease of use.

Designed exclusively for women

Swift FX Nano for Her provides you with the same benefits as Swift FX Nano but features a specially designed cushion and headgear that have been optimised to offer a fit range tailored for women.

Swift FX Nano for Her is able to accommodate your hairstyle, whether you wear your hair short or long, under or over the headgear backstrap. The mask is styled in soft pink tones on the headgear, soft wraps, and tube assembly.

Features & Benefits

  • Light and natural
    • Swift FX Nano offers you the lightness of a Swift FX pillows mask with the natural breathing comfort of a nasal mask.
  • Easily wear glasses
    • Swift FX Nano provides you with uninterrupted vision, so you can easily wear glasses to comfortably watch TV or read while on therapy.
  • Maintains a comfortable seal
    • Swift FX Nano is flexible, so you can sleep in a variety of different positions without affecting the seal.
  • Quiet performance
    • Whisper-quiet vents gently distribute air away from you and your bed partner.
  • Optional Soft Wraps
    • Optional Soft Wraps are provided. They simply wrap around the headgear to add a further comfort layer.

Helpful Product Information:

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