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Lumin or So Clean - Which is the best CPAP Sanitizer?

Regularly cleaning your CPAP equipment - including CPAP Mask, Tubing, and Water Chamber - is absolutely critical to maintaining effective and healthy therapy. CPAP masks and tubing can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and neglecting regular cleaning will lead to sore throats, runny noses, flu-like symptoms, etc. 

The most cost-effective way to clean your CPAP equipment is to wash with pure soap and warm water (do not use soap that contains bleach, chlorine, alcohol, moisturizers, scents or antibacterial agents, as they may damage the mask). Ideally this should be done every day, or every other day at least. However, longtime CPAP users know that disassembling and reassembling your equipment every day can get frustrating. This is where CPAP Sanitizers can be a helpful addition to your CPAP Therapy system.

What they DO

CPAP Sanitizers are designed to SANITIZE your CPAP Mask and Equipment. Different models use different technology to do this (see below), but the end result is that 99.9% of bacteria is killed. They are automated, which means you just put your equipment inside, press a button, and forget about it until bedtime. 

What they DON'T do

CPAP Sanitizers do not use water or liquid, and so they will not remove any buildup that can accumulate and harden on equipment (think mucus, saliva, hair, etc). The sanitizer will kill any bacteria, but you'll still need to wash your equipment with mild soap and water once per week. 

Are they worth it?

The answer is, it really depends! For speed, convenience, and effective cleaning - CPAP Sanitizers are the way to go. The best analogy is that of a dishwasher. Can you clean dishes effectively without a dishwasher? Of course! And some people really enjoy it. But if you're looking for a simple way to maintain clean and effective therapy, either of the sanitizers below can be a great option.

Lumin vs. SoClean

February 08, 2019 by BG Marketing Collaborator