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SleepStyle Auto CPAP & Lumin

includes: mask | heated tubing | filters | wipes

$2,050 CAD $1,655 CAD

SKU: SPSAAN+LM3000+900SPS120+900SPS110+6934885109593+VIT1SU

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Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Auto CPAP + Lumin Premium Package - Everything you need for your CPAP Therapy!

*Please note: due to unprecedented demand and Covid-related supply chain delays, the SleepStyle Auto CPAP is backordered for 12-16 weeks. We will work to fulfill your order as quickly as possible, and do apologize for any inconvenience.

Save big with the SleepStyle Auto CPAP and Lumin  Premiun Package Deal!

SleepStyle has simplicity woven into its design. Every detail was considered to make it easy for you to use. In just a few steps, you will be on your way to starting therapy.

Freedom in simplicity SleepStyle has simplicity woven into its design. Every detail was considered to make it easy for you and your patients to use. In just a few steps, your patients will be on their way to starting therapy

Powered by technology Striking the balance between comfort and effective treatment. The beginning of anything new is usually a crucial time. Learning to adjust to therapy is essential. F&P has done everything they can to help, from having a world-class auto algorithm to provide a full range of innovative comfort options.

Easy-access chamber A simple push of the button gives access to the water chamber which is easy to fill and clean.

Add the Lumin CPAP Sanitizer to your package and save even more! Lumin is the easiest and fastest way to sanitize CPAP masks and accessories. Lumin works with a sanitization cycle time of only 5 minutes! The Lumin is a device intended for home use to clean and sanitize CPAP accessories or PAP devices, including your mask and water chamber. The Lumin may also be useful as a multi-purpose sanitizing device for personal care products (e.g. toothbrush, toys, cell phones, etc.)


  • SensAwake™ - Automatic comfort all night
    Exclusive to Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, SensAwake technology automatically works throughout the night to detect periods where you might wake up and reduces the pressure to a more comfortable level, allowing you to resume sleep
  • Expiratory Relif - Breath more Freely
    Feel the comfort with every breath. Expiratory relief is designed to automatically relieve air pressure every time you breathe out, to make breathing more comfortable. And when the F&P SleepStyle is paired with our award-winning interfaces, you can be rest assured of a complete therapy experience
  • ThermoSmart™ with AIrSpiral™ Technology - More than just hot Air
    World-class ThermoSmart™ humidification with AirSpiral™ technology is designed to deliver you a comfortable experience. At 20% lighter than our previous breathing tube, the AirSpiral tube is designed to lessen the pull on your interfaces, to promote comfort and stability
  • Modem - Automated Data Transfer via Cellular Network
    The modem sends usage and efficacy data to the cloud on an automatic daily basis, which is especially helpful when others are monitoring the patient’s CPAP usage remotely, and want reliably current data. The modem transmits data through the cellular network within an hour after treatment stops

What's Included:

  • SleepStyle Auto CPAP, with humidifier (3 year warranty)
  • SleepStyle Carry Case and Power Cords
  • Lumin CPAP Sanitizer (2-year warranty)
  • So Clean 2 Adapter for the Sleep Style Auto
  • CPAP Interface of your choice (if your interface is not featured here, enter the interface you'd like in the "Notes" section at checkout)
  • One extra 2-pack of machine filters
  • One Box of CPAP Cleaning wipes 

Helpful Product Information:

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