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Mirage Liberty™

$285 CAD

Brand ResMed
SKU: 61300

ResMed's brings together a minimalist mask and cushion design with the comfort and superior seal of nasal pillows to create a great new full face mask, the Mirage Liberty.

Unlike traditional full face masks –– which use a large frame and cushion to cover the entire mouth and the nose –– the Mirage Liberty incorporates two separate cushion systems to create a smaller, more adaptable and more user friendly CPAP/BiLevel interface.

The Liberty uses dual-wall nasal pillows with trampoline action to adapt to different nostril sizes and different nose-to-mouth heights, angles and nasal contours. The pillows' thin outer walls are soft and comfortable and their thick inner walls ensure support and an effective seal. Airflow between the two walls helps the pillows to continually adjust to contours within the nostril. Each pillow sits gently at the entrance to the nostrils and moves independently of the other for a secure, stable fit.

The Liberty's oral dual-wall cushion provides exceptional seal and accomodates jaw movement, eliminating the need for most chinstraps. Liberty's set-and-forget headgear clips and supportive headgear mean that the mask is easy to fit, easy to take off and easy to put on without needing constant adjustments. Additional comfort features like built-in quiet-flow vents, a quick release elbow for easy tube disconnect, and reduced facial contact make the Mirage Liberty a great option for CPAP/BiLevel therapy. 


  • Enhanced Comfort
    New dual-wall mouth cushion and nasal pillows with trampoline action enchance comfort and seal
  • Seal With Stability
    Supportive headgear with stabilizing elements helps achieve seal without overtightening the mask
  • Quiet Performance
    Built-in vents disperse air gently and quietly
  • Free Field of Vision
    Liberating, minimalist design gives you the freedom to read, watch television and wear glasses
  • Less Skin Contact
    Small overall mask size reduces facial contact minimilizing the chance of skin irritation
  • Ultra Light
    Lightweight, durable construction means the mask feels lighter on the face than standard full face masks
  • First-Time Fit
    Dual-Wall mouth cusion and nasal pillows provide a comfortable seal and multiple cushion/pillow sizes included with each mask pack mean a great fit first-time and every time
  • Easy to Wear, Easy to Clean
    Headgear keeps it shape when removed so that it's easy to put on and easy to take off; and fewer parts than most masks mean it's easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning

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