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Mirage™ FX for Her

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Marque ResMed
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Effortless and Effective

The Mirage FX for Her is the same as the regular Mirage FX, but with a headgear strap that's both smaller and a different color. The Mirage FX for Her is a "one-size-fits-most" mask.

Make room for the only nasal mask you need. The perfect balance of lightweight design and simplicity, the Mirage™ FX is effortless and effective, for exceptional comfort through the night. With its compact frame and ultra-soft headgear, your patients will love its openness and comfort. Plus, with just four parts including headgear, wear and care have never been easier.


  • A Better Design
    • Only four parts make fitting and care easy
    • One size fits about 90% of patients
    • New, form-fitting SoftEdge™ headgear is kind to the face and springs to life, ready to fit and wear
    • Squeeze-tab elbow makes it easy to attach and detach the elbow from the frame
    • Flexible, "butterfly wing" forehead support allows a dynamic range of fit and adjustment; the plastic does not contact the skin
    • Lightweight, durable frame is strong enough to stabilize the mask on the face, and soft and flexible enough to accommodate user movement during sleep
    • Dual-wall, Spring Air cushion provides even pressure distribution with extra softness at the nasal bridge, reducing common discomfort in this sensitive area
    • Diffused vent design disperses air gently and quietly away from the bed partner
  • Instant patient appeal
    • Compact frame, gentle cushion and ultra lightweight SoftEdge™ headgear provide a feeling of openness & maximum comfort.
  • Better business efficiency
    • With four simple components, assembly and care is dramatically simplified. Less time spent on refitting and swap outs so you can focus your energy on profit-generating activities.
  • One mask fits all
    • One single cushion and frame size accommodates nearly all your patients. For patients that need a wider fit, the Mirage FX Wide combines extra width with a shallower, shorter cushion For female patients who want a personalized option, the Mirage FX for Her features a smaller headgear in a stylish pink.
  • Effortless and effective
    • Intuitive adjustment and form-fitting headgear make it unbelievably easy to achieve a perfect fit and secure seal.
  • ResMed quality and durability
    • Provides superior seal and lasting clinical effectiveness.


This product includes:
  • Cushion
  • Frame
  • Headgear



How often should I clean my CPAP Mask?

    • We recommend daily cleaning of this product to ensure clean and effective therapy. Learn more about cleaning your CPAP equipment here.

How often should I replace my CPAP Mask?

    • Health Canada recommends replacing your CPAP Mask every 6 months. Over time, CPAP Mask components will wear and stretch, leading to reduced fit and increased mask leaking. Additionally, bacteria and organic material from your skin, hair, and breath will build up on your mask over time.

Is this CPAP mask compatible with my CPAP Machine?

    • This mask is compatible with any CPAP Machine from any manufacturer, EXCEPT for the ResMed Air Mini. This mask will not work with the ResMed Air Mini Travel CPAP.

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