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EXPION EXP48PRO Portable Power Pack Battery

$609 CAD


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Power to Explore

Take your therapy to the next level of preparedness. Whether there’s a power loss or you just need to get off grid while you travel, EXP PRO has your back. EXP PRO Batteries are portable battery systems designed to work with most PAP machines and other devices. The battery systems can provide a restful 2-6 nights of sleep on a single charge, depending on the size of battery you choose.

EXP PRO Batteries use LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) technology. EXP PRO Batteries offer many benefits compared to competing market lithium batteries. These include being the longest battery life span on the market , offering of up to 5,000 life cycles. We use the safest battery chemistry, and also offer improved discharge and charge efficiency. LiFePO4 batteries are the best investment you can make over time, and come with a 2 year warranty. You're free to explore further than you ever thought

The EXP48PRO is equipped with “Pass Through” technology. This allows you to
charge devices connected to the battery while the battery is being charged. In the case of a power outage, EXP PRO Batteries will automatically detect it and switch to battery power. EXP PRO Batteries will, in most cases, supply enough power for PAP treatment to continue until full rest is achieved.


  • Stylish design and rugged ABS plastic housing including covered electrical ports
  • Expion Batteries recognize both 12V and 24V CPAP, so it is not necessary to stock the battery required for each power requirement.
  • Power converter cords are sold separately for ResMed and Respironics CPAP systems.
  • 48PRO offers more than 50% capacity of the competition. 154 Watt Hours versus 95, so it’s like buying a 1 ½ batteries with the pricing shown
  • Expion Battery includes Multiple USB ports providing versatility and charging of multiple devices such as laptops, tablets cell phones etc
  • 48PRO 154 Watt Hours is airline approved as a carry on item.
  • 48PRO offers 3+ nights of sleep when using with an HME


  • Provides a restful 2-3 nights of sleep on a single charge.
  • Battery system built upon the best design in the industry where quality meets value
  • 2 built-in USB ports
  • Type-C charger for quick device charging
  • Multiple ways to recharge - AC/DC (included) / Solar (Optional-Add on)
  • Ruggedly built with covered ports for splash protection
  • Uses the safest battery chemistry on the market
  • 10 times more life cycles than lithium polymer batteries
  • 2 year warranty - double the market standard
  • TSA approve

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