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Expion Folding Solar Panel

$319 CAD

Marque EXP PRO

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The Expion360 60W Solar Panel

Meet your new go-to camping accessory, the Expion360 30W Folding Solar Panel. Take your hand-held EXP 48 and 96Pro wherever you go! The Expion360 60W Folding Solar Panel easily folds in half and can fit in your backpack. It is the perfect accessory to take your hand-held EXP Pro on the go. This panel is specifically regulated to charge the EXP Pro Series quickly while you are still on the move.

Learn More About the Expion360 60W Folding Solar Panel

  • Compatible With EXP 48Pro or 96Pro Batteries
  • Recharges While You're On-The-Go
  • Includes Black Solar Panel Cover for Protection

Recharges While You're On-The-Go

  • Place your solar panel on your car's dashboard while driving, or find a sunny spot at your campsite. Freely charge your solar panel wherever you'd like—sun permitting.

Setup Instructions

  • Open the solar panel and place it on a clean, dry, and flat surface in direct sunlight.
  • Plug the solar charge cord into the Type-C Input/Output port on the battery using the included USB-C to 2.1mm adapter.
  • Charging will begin automatically.
  • Expect longer charge times using the solar panel compared to the AC or DC charge cords as sun conditions will vary greatly.

What's included

  • Panel
  • Cord
  • USB C Adapter
  • Black Cover

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