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EverFlo OPI

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EverFlo Stationary Oxygen Concentrator with OPI

Until now, oxygen concentrators have been very similar - heavy, bulky, noisy, or requiring frequent maintenance. EverFlo from Respironics is a unique stationary concentrator that delivers what homecare providers want and patients deserve. 

Key benefits:

Increases patient satisfaction

  • Compact design looks less like a medical machine 
    Compact design looks less like a medical machine. EverFlo's ergonomic design takes up less space and doesn't draw as much attention. 
  • Ultra quiet operation
    Ultra quiet operation reduces noise complaints. The EverFlo Q has only a 40 decibel sound level, which significantly increases patient satisfaction. A feature advantage that's attractive to both physicians and patients.
  • Lower power consumption
    Lower power consumption makes EverFlo patient-friendly. The system uses less electricity and produces less heat.

    Reduces costs

    • The Right Fit
      The Right Fit series focuses on patients' needs. EverFlo is part of the Right Fit, a complete portfolio of oxygen products and programs inspired by patients and built for business.
    • Lightweight
      Lightweight for easy transport. The EverFlo  weighs in at only 31 pounds, reducing shipping and storage costs and risk of injury.
    • Low maintenance
      Low maintenance for reduced service costs. No homecare provider filter change for two years. Patients do not ever have to change filters.
    • Oxygen purity indicator option
      Oxygen purity indicator option for increased security. EverFlo is available with or without oxygen purity indicator. This OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) ultrasonically measures oxygen output as a purity indication.
    • Recessed flow meter
      Recessed flow meter reduces accidental breakage.
    • Durable metal cannula
      Durable metal cannula is less likely to break.
    • Peace of Mind with 3-year Manufacturer's Warranty


     Sound Level

    45 (typical) dBA

    Input Voltage

    120 VAC +/- 10% VAC

    Input Frequency

    60 Hz

    Average Power Consumption

    350 Watts

    Oxygen Concentration*

    (at 5 LPM) 93% +/-3% 

    Liter Flow

    0.5-5 liters per minute


    14 (31) kg (lbs)


    58.4 cm H x 38.1 cm W x 24.1 cm D (23" H x 15" W x 9.5" D) cm (inch)

    OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) Alarm Levels

    Low Oxygen (82%) and Very Low Oxygen (70%)

    Operating Temperature

    12°C to 32°C/55°F to 90°F °C/°F

    Storage/Transport Humidity

    -34°C to 71°C (-30°F to 160°F) up to 95% relative humidity °C/°F

    Operating Humidity

    up to 95 % relative humidity

    Outlet Pressure

    5.5 PSI

    Operating Altitude
    0 to 2286 m (0 to 7500 ft)

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