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Lumin Benefits

Safely Cleans Equipment with a UV Light System

It is very important to clean what you can’t see especially during the cold, flu, and allergy seasons. Keeping your equipment clean and disinfected is crucial to reduce the risk of catching an infection.

Quick, Five-Minute Cycle

Five minutes only is all a cycle requires to disinfect your items with the Lumin unit. And the best part? You can use your equipment immediately afterward.

Disinfects CPAP and Non-CPAP Items

You can use the Lumin to sanitize not only your CPAP accessories but also any other small household or personal items you have such as: Cell Phones, keys, TV remote, toys, toothbrushes, hearing aids... Using your sanitizer on a regular basis will ensure that you and your family members use personal hygiene items that are free from harmful bacteria.

No Replacement Parts Needed

A one-time investment only! The Lumin unit does not require regular maintenance nor any replacement parts

Easy-to-Use Design

To use, simply pull out the Lumin tray, place the item inside, close the tray, press the power button, and let the UV light on the Lumin go to work! The Lumin operates on a five-minute cycle and when it’s finished, it will beep to indicate the cycle is finished. Your items inside are now disinfected and safe to be removed and used immediately. Simple and easy!

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