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DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP + Z2 Platinum Package

$2,095 CAD

SKU: CAX521H12C+297-718175+1137916+1142829+297-005788+ 6934885109611

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Platinum Package - DreamStation 2 Auto + Z2 Travel PAP


Are you having trouble deciding between a stationary APAP Machine for home use, and the convenience of a small travel device? Now you can have both! This Platinum Package includes Phillip's newest technology for state-of-the-art therapy at home, AND the Z2 on the road. You'll receive:

  • 1 DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP
  • 1 Z2 Travel CPAP System
  • 1 CPAP mask of choice
  • 2 DreamStation 2 replacement filters
  • 2 Z2 replacement filters
  • 1 carton of CPAP Travel Wipes

About Z2 Travel CPAP

DreamStation Go sleek design has 1/3 fewer components than other travel PAPs, and at half the size of the stationary DreamStation, DreamStation Go offers the same therapy and comfort features enjoyed by over 5 million PAP users.


DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced

  • Ease of use. By design.
    • The color touchscreen allows for easy navigation.
    • Three comfort settings are designed to be easy to adjust while therapy is running.
  • Comfort. By design.
    • Now with Ramp Plus, you can pick a starting pressure that is comfortable for falling asleep. If events are detected or Ramp Plus concludes, DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced will move to your prescribed pressure.
    • Choose the humidification and heated tube temperature level that’s right for you.
    • Philips micro-flexible heated 12mm tube weighs less than the leading brands’6 15mm or larger CPAP heated tubing.
  • Support. By design.
    • Track your progress, set goals and get helpful tips with the free Philips DreamMapper app.
    • Integrated connectivity allows you to stay connected with your care team.

About Z2

The Z2 Auto | Ultra-small, lightweight, auto-adjusting CPAP – perfect for travel. The Z2 Auto™ CPAP builds on the form of the Z1® with an improved, quieter motor and Auto Start /Stop Feature. A free Qtube® was addedd to muffle the noise at the mask. At just 6.48” x 3.30” x 2.02” and 10.5 oz, it fits easily into your bag and won’t weigh you down. It’s perfect for taking your sleep apnea therapy with you when you travel..

Z2 Features

  • Z2 Auto CPAP.The Z2 Auto is an auto-cpap machine that actually adapts to your breathing requirements thousands of times per night. By reacting to your requirements- rather than just delivering one constant pressure- the Z2 Auto delivers therapy at lower overall pressures and delivers a better, more natural breathing experience.
  • Ultra Small. The Z2 Auto® is an ultra-small, lightweight, integrated auto-cpap machine. It was designed from the bottom up to be the ultimate travel companion for travelers with sleep apnea.
  • Extremely light. Only 10.5 oz. The Z2 Auto is extremely light. At only 10.5 ounces/299 grams it is a great everyday machine that is also ideal for travel.
  • Optional integrated battery. The Z2™ Auto cpap has an optional integrated battery system that we call the PowerShell™. It delivers a full night of cord-free power on a fully-charged battery.
  • Free iOS mobile app for data and remote control. The Z2 Auto cpap is data-capable and records all information on events and compliance. Download the free Nitelog™ mobile app for iOS and sync directly to your device with Bluetooth®. Review your data or share it with your doctor directly from the app. Nitelog™ can also serve as a remote control for your Z2 Auto.
  • Traveling abroad? The power supply auto adjusts from 100 to 240 volts. All you need to add is the proper plug adapter for the country you are visiting.
  • Approved usage. Z2 Auto CPAP device is approved for use by adults only that are 66 lbs. and above.



      DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced

      Pressure range & Mode 4 to 20 cm H2O / CPAP, Auto CPAP
      Flex pressure relief Off, 1, 2, 3
      Humidification Adaptive humidification and heated
      tube settings (optional)
      Humidifier capacity 325 ml
      Ramp Plus time 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes
      Ramp Plus starting pressure 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 cm H2O or off
      Dimensions 10.11 in L x 6.24 in W x 3.34 in H
      (256.8 mm L x 158.5 mm W x 84.8 mm H)
      Weight without power
      supply, empty water tank
      2.3 lbs (1040 g)
      Weight with power
      supply, empty water tank
      2.94 lbs (1336 g)
      Device controls LCD color touchscreen;
      push therapy button
      Data storage capacity (minimum) On board: <6 months
      Filters Reusable pollen; disposable ultra-fine
      Altitude compensation Automatic
      Electrical requirements 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0-2.0 A

      Three years


      Z2 Travel CPAP

      • Device Dimensions - 6.48″L x 3.30″W x 2.02″H
      • Device Weight - 10.5 oz
      • APAP Pressures - 4-20 cm H2O

      What's Included:

      • Z2 Auto CPAP Device
      • Power Supply & Cord
      • USB Cable
      • Custom Tube Adapter
      • 4′ Slim Style CPAP Tube
      • End Cap
      • Filters (2- 1 installed in Z2, 1 in box)
      • Heat / Moisture Exchanger (HME)
      • Q-Tube Muffler 
      • Manual

      Helpful Product Information:

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