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BresoDX Home Sleep Study

$195 CAD

Brand BresoTec
SKU: B5W366

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The Easiest Way to Sleep Study

BresoDX® is a personal home sleep test that transforms the precision of a sleep laboratory into an accessible solution fit for any bedroom any night.

Its cordless technology is engineered so that it delivers unmatched simplicity, without sacrificing accuracy, and designed with physicians and patients in mind.

BresoDX® is worn over the nose and mouth and captures multiple data streams by using two channels, a microphone and an accelerometer. Breath sounds and head movements are recorded for up to eight hours of sleep, and a BresoDX® Sleep Study report is generated and then interpreted by your sleep physician.

BresoDX has been validated in several clinical trials, and provides:

  • A 95% agreement of the AHI to the PSG (in-lab) standard
  • Reliable scoring algorithm for consistent data analysis
  • Testing in a natural home sleep environment

Features & Benefits

  • Simplicity, no cables or wires
  • Minimal Technical Instructions
  • Flexibility to test at home on any night
  • Convenience of owning your own personal device, which can be used multiple times

What's Included

  • BresoDX home test kit
  • BresoDX re-use kit (allows you to use multiple nights)
  • Batteries
  • Free shipping
  • BresoDX Sleep report shared with patient and referring physician
  • Follow-up consultation with Respiratory Therapist to review results
  • Referral to Sleep Specialist Physician to review results (as needed)

Process Overview

Step 1: We'll ship you your Home Sleep Study and everything you need to use it. Included will be a return envelope to send us back the wireless SD Card

Step 2: Within 48 hours of receiving your SD card, we will call you to discuss the results of your sleep study and recommended next steps. At this point, we will also share the results of your study with your referring physician

Step 3: Your referring physician, armed with the data from your sleep study, will make the decision on whether further therapy or follow-up is required

How It Works

BresoDX® is a cordless single-user, home sleep test used to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea in adults. BresoDX® is worn over the nose and mouth and captures multiple data streams by using two channels, a microphone and an accelerometer.

The microphone detects oronasal breath sounds, snoring, and apneas and hypopneas while sleeping.  The accelerometer detects head movement to estimate sleep time, and position of the head (supine or non-supine). During a respiratory event, such as an apnea, normal breathing sounds are disrupted. These disruptions mimic the patterns a sleep technician would observe on a respiratory tracing report in a traditional PSG. The BresoDX® algorithm can detect those patterns and generate an AHI score that has been shown to be in 95% agreement with a the standard polysomnography test. In addition to detecting apneas and hypopneas, BresoDX® is also able to detect and quantify snoring episodes with over 97% accuracy.

Up to eight hours of overnight recording is saved onto a microSD card and then analyzed by a proprietary software algorithm to generate a BresoDX® Sleep Study Report, which is then interpreted by a healthcare professional.

Helpful Information

How to use the BresoDX

Sample Sleep Report

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