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ApneaLink Air Rental

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Home sleep diagnosis made simple, fast and easy to use

Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) is recognized as a serious health problem that impacts approximately 43 million US adults. More than 80% remain undiagnosed. Now, the detection of this chronically debilitating condition has been made easier with the ApneaLink Air, a Type III home sleep testing diagnostic device that provides simple, cost-effective and reliable results.

With its one-touch operation and intuitive Start/Stop button, it's never been easier for patients to set-up and use successfully. And the test complete indicator helps minimize wasteful retesting. The ApneaLink Air is capable of recording up to five channels of information:

  1. Respiratory Effort
  2. Pulse
  3. Oxygen Saturation
  4. Nasal Flow
  5. Snoring

Features & Benefits

  • Usability for both patients and healthcare professionals with one-touch operation, longer recording time (12 hours), increased storage capacity (48 hours), test complete indicator light, and signal lights to indicate successful set-up
  • Reliable analysis includes Apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), hypopnea index (HI), flow limitation, snoring, and oxygen desaturation index (OD)
  • Validated results meet Amercian Academy of Sleep Medicine definitions for hypopnea scoring guidelines
  • Cheynes-Stokes probability detection helps determine when to refer patinets for further in-lab diagnosis
  • Differentation between obstructive and central paneas
  • Email summary and signal reports to send to your referring physician or relevant healthcare team

What's Included

  • ApneaLink Air Complete Kit, including disposable nasal cannulas and fresh batteries
  • 2-way shipping (return shipping included)
  • ApneaLink Report, shared with patient and referring physician
  • Follow-up phone consultation with Respiratory Therapist to review results
  • Referral to Sleep Specialist Physician (as needed)

Process Overview

Step 1: We'll ship you your Home Sleep Study and everything you need to use it. Included will be a return shipping label to send us back the device after your sleep study

Step 2: Within 48 hours of receiving your device back, one of our dedicated Respiratory Therapists will call you to discuss the results of your sleep study and recommended next steps. At this point, we will also share the results of your study with your referring physician

Step 3: Your referring physician, armed with the data from your sleep study, will make the decision on whether further therapy or follow-up is required

Helpful Information

How to use the ApneaLink Air

Patient Set-up Instructions

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