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Travel CPAP Showdown: ResMed AirMini vs. Respironics DreamStation Go

Experienced CPAP users know the struggle of taking their CPAP machine travelling with them. Whether it’s lugging it through airport security, setting it up in an airplane or hotel room, or bringing it along camping, the fact is that traditional CPAP machines are just not optimal for travel. Unfortunately, your Sleep Apnea still exists when you leave your home, and so bringing your CPAP therapy on the road with you is essential to your health. Fortunately recent technological advances have made this easier with Travel CPAP Machines designed for use on the road.

We’re often asked: “What is the best travel CPAP machine?”. The answer to that question depends on how you currently use your regular CPAP Machine. The AirMini from ResMed and the DreamStation Go from Philips Respironics are both fantastic, quality-made devices packed with the latest in CPAP technology. Answering the questions below will help you decide which is right for you.

What mask do you currently use?

The AirMini travel CPAP is ONLY compatible with three (3) masks: the AirFit P10, the AirFit N20, or the AirFit F20, while the DreamStation Go will work with any mask from any manufacturer. If you’re really comfortable with your current mask and it’s not compatible with the AirMini, we’d recommend the DreamStation Go.

How important is humidification for you?

Some people find they need a lot of humidity to breath comfortably with their CPAP, while others may not use humidity at all. Of course, this can depend on the environment and/or time of year (winter will be drier than summer). If you can not imagine using CPAP without your humidifier, the DreamStation Go is your best choice, as there is a fully integrated humidifier as an available option. The AirMini does not have a humidifier, but does offer Humidix filters. Humidix filters work by trapping moisture from your exhaled breath, and adding it back to the air as you inhale. The Humidix system is effective, but will not provide as much humidity as the DreamStaiton Go heated humidifier or your standard stationary device.

Will you have power where you’re travelling?

All travel devices come standard with a wall-outlet power source. But on a plane, camping, or other travelling situations, you may not have access to power. Fortunately, both the AirMini and DreamStation Go have compatible batteries (sold separately) designed with CPAP therapy in mind to ensure you have a good night’s rest. Important to note is that the heated humidifier for the DreamStation GO can not be used on battery power due to the excessive power draw of the humidifier.

How important is size to you?

For size, convenience, and ease-of-use, the AirMini is tough to beat. While the DreamStation Go offers more add-on features (including an integrated Heated Humidifier) and an open-mask system, it is slightly larger than the AirMini. So, if you’re looking for the smallest and lightest CPAP device you can find, the AirMini is likely right for you.

ResMed AirMini vs DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine Comparison

Travel CPAP Machines make it much easier to bring your CPAP Therapy with you on the road. Identifying your personal mask, humidification, and power requirements will help you make the decision that's best suited for how and where you travel.

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April 07, 2019 by BG Marketing Collaborator
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